Kosho Cubs (4-5)

Does your 4-5 need respect, discipline, focus, or self-control? Try our martial arts classes today!

Kid’s Martial Arts

Our program is an age-specific martial arts program that focuses on helping your child reach their full potential.

Adult Martial Arts

Martial arts classes are fun, empowering, and provide a great workout for adults.

Functional Fitness

You want to lose weight and get in shape, but you lack the motivation and guidance to help you achieve your fitness goals. Try our classes today!

Fitness Kickboxing

Are you tired of the same cardio workouts? Come see results and have some FUN.

Womans Self-Defense

Most self-defense systems that rely heavily on strength, speed, and coordination, the techniques in our Women Empowerment program employ the effective strikes and leverage, technique, and timing of Kosho-Ryu Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu and Kajukenbo? Try our self-defense classes today!Try our martial arts classes today!