Your Kids Will Fall In Love With the James Martial Arts Academy Kids Martial Arts Program

Students in our kids' martial arts program in El Cajon and La Mesa Counties - James Martial Arts Academy.

You will not find a better hobby for your child in El Cajon or La Mesa than our kids martial arts classes at the James Martial Arts Academy. Our students fall in love with the amazing exercises and lessons they learn on a daily basis. And your children will quickly gain important character traits and self-defense skills that will serve them for years to come.

Our Kids Martial Arts classes guarantee that students are able to learn in a safe and structured environment and have a blast the entire time!

Establish A Foundation Today With Kids' Martial Arts Classes

Apart from the many physical benefits your child will gain while training in our Kids Martial Arts classes, they will, in addition, learn critical life skills that build a foundation for success no matter what they pursue in life.

Our Kids Martial Arts programming is built on core principles like:

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    Personal courage
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    Confidence in yourself
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    Respect for others
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    Responsibility and accountability

Kids Martial Arts Will Give Your Child The Tools To Combat Bullying And Danger

While we teach physical confrontations as an absolute last option at the James Martial Arts Academy, our Kids Martial Arts students do learn a valuable set of tools that can keep them safe from bullies and other real world threats.

Your child will learn how to use their newly found self-confidence to stand up to a bully and to protect others before a situation can escalate to physical violence. But in the rare circumstances that it's unavoidable, your child will be there to protect themselves and others.

Kids Martial Arts will teach them how to:

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    Kicks, blocks, jabs, knees, locks, and counter attacks
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    Control and subdue an attacker
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    Rely on leverage so moves work regardless of size and strength
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    the James Martial Arts Academy Kids Martial Arts El Cajon

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We extremely proud to provide El Cajon and La Mesa counties with the most well-rounded Kids Martial Arts classes around and we strive to make sure our classes are accessible and enjoyable for children of all ages and experience levels. To get started today, or to learn more about the many classes we offer at the James Martial Arts Academy, simply complete the short form on the right of your screen now and a member of our team will be in touch soon!