Women's Self-Defense & Empowerment
Get Empowered in El Cajon, La Mesa, Santee, and San Diego County

For the woman who wishes to learn highly effective street self-defense techniques to help you protect yourself in this highly unpredictable world? If so, our women’s only martial arts classes will help your confidence!

Is the official James Martial Arts Academy self-defense program for women which is offered for our El Cajon, La Mesa, Santee and the greater San Diego County area women. In these lessons, we will teach you how to neutralize the most common attacks ranging from having a gun, knife pulled on you, your hair grabbed to being pinned to the ground by a weapon-bearing assailant. Each 45 minute Women Empowerment lesson addresses two-three techniques. You can start the program at any time and participate in any class without previous experience.

In contrast to most self-defense systems that rely heavily on strength, speed, and coordination, the techniques in the Women Empowerment program employ the effective strikes and leverage, technique, and timing of Kosho-Ryu Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu and Kajukenbo. These classes are for anyone, regardless of age or athletic ability can make the techniques work against larger attackers. Once you complete the Women Empowerment program, you may test for promotion to Pink Belt!

If you have no prior martial arts experience and you want to learn the best ways to defend yourself in a fun, safe, and cooperative learning environment, Women's Self-Defense & Empowerment is for you. Scroll down to learn more about Women's Self-Defense & Empowerment.


Law enforcement officials and Clinical Psychotherapist helped identify the most common attack strategies that a male attacker is likely to use on a woman. From choke-holds, hair-grab, to bear hugs and weapon defenses, the Women's Self-Defense & Empowerment program covers it all to help keep you safe.

Step 1: Learn the Techniques

We have segmented the Women's Self-Defense & Empowerment techniques into ongoing 45-minute classes so that you can complete the course at your own pace. We designed each session so that you can start at any point in the course. As a result, you can start the course at any time in the lesson series. Upon enrolling, we will provide you a Women's Self-Defense & Empowerment attendance card on which we will track your progress every step of the way.

Step 2: Develop Your Ninja Reflexes

As soon as you complete each of the Women's Self-Defense & Empowerment lessons three times, you will qualify to participate in the Reflex Development classes where you will learn how to incorporate the techniques to address the most common occurrences in a real self-defense situation.

Step 3: Earn Your Pink Belt

Once you complete each of the Women's Self-Defense & Empowerment lessons four times, and you’ve completed at least four Reflex Development Classes, you are eligible to test for promotion to Pink Belt! Throughout this test, we will assess your execution of all the essential techniques. If your performance meets the James Martial Arts Academy criteria, you will qualify for promotion to a pink belt. As a pink belt, you will be more than ready to move on to the James Martial Arts Adult Combatives program should you decide to continue your martial arts journey!

What is the Women Empowerment Pink Belt?

As with every program in James Martial Arts Academy (Kids Martial Arts or Adult Martial Arts) awarding belts is the traditional way to acknowledge progress and achievement for students. With the development of the James Martial Arts Academy Women Empowerment program, the course included so many unique strategies, objectives, techniques, and psychology tailored to a special set of scenarios, that the standard of the James Martial Arts Academy belt system did not suit this program.

So, we decided to add a new belt, and since pink was one of the only colors not used in the existing belt system, we introduced the Women's Self-Defense & Empowerment Pink Belt! It not only symbolizes dedication to the techniques of the program, also an understanding of the philosophy that is necessary for survival in life-threatening scenarios. We feel confident that this reflexive understanding of both the philosophy and techniques will instill a self-confidence in women that lowers their risk of ever becoming a target in the first place.

Since the program was developed we have watched women devote countless hours to earning their pink belt, and with every pink belt earned, the value and prestige of this belt have become undeniable.


To guarantee the Women Empowerment program is right for you, we invite you to take advantage of our Two-Week free trial. To take advantage of our 2-day free trial, just simply contact our conveniently located karate studio near you, and will help you get started right away!

Now that you understand the essence of the Women's Self-Defense & Empowerment program, click on the links below to learn more about your learning options and take the next step on your path towards total empowerment!