Kickboxing Lessons

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If you desire to learn ways to protect yourself, as you get into incredible shape, skip the gym and hit one of our exhilarating, heart pounding Fitness Kickboxing workouts!

The James Martial Arts Academy Kickboxing classes in El Cajon, CA are considered one of the most exciting and practical workouts on the planet, our customized blend of Kickboxing and self-defense will have you punching, kicking and burning your way into awesome shape. It's non-stop action with full body targeting that burns calories and melts away fat.

The training approaches used in our Kickboxing class comprise of intense aerobic and anaerobic cardio, effective and practical self-defense techniques and so much more! Whether you want to lose 5 lbs or 50 lbs, each one of our edgy, intense classes burn about 800 calories an hour and turn fat into hard contoured muscle.

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Our experienced Kickboxing instructors know the best ways to keep classes fun, intense and motivational. They will push you to your max. You'll enjoy high energy drills and disguised repetition that is familiar, but never boring.

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This Fitness Kickboxing class will definitely give you nothing you can't handle. It's intense, full of energy and a great way to improve your overall health!

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