Would you like to feel strong, be confident, feel safe, and have fun?

That’s what we invite you to do by learning self defense in our martial arts training academy located in San Diego, California. Come and build your self-confidence, physical strength and mental discipline, while learning how to take of yourself in a way that is not only effective – it is also stress-relieving and fun

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James Martial Arts Academy in San Diego

Our Kenpo Karate training classes, in the ancient Koshu-Ryu and modern Kajukenbo styles, are essentially designed to make you feel great about yourself and to help you better enjoy your life.

We take martial arts in a very serious and positive way – the way they were originally created to be seen and experienced.

The way we study, practice and teach Self Defense and Martial Arts, following the best of the old ways and enriching them with a 21st century worldview, offers many benefits to our diverse audience of students.

    Martial Arts for Children

    In a world that is increasingly challenging for children, by learning and practice martial arts at the James Martial Arts Academy, they will become better prepared to face and overcome these challenges.

    Shy children with low self-esteem, with a short attention span or with focus or discipline issues, find in our teachings of Martial Arts a very beneficial life-changing experience.

    They build self-confidence, mental discipline, the ability to better judge right from wrong, all the while learning how to stand up for themselves – in a positive spirit of teamwork, with rewarding socialization experiences within a warm, close and very supportive Martial Arts community.

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    Adult Martial Arts

    The stress of your day-to-day life, the pressures that you face coming from several angles of your routine, and the negative effects that these have on your peace of mind and self-confidence – these all are left out of our Dojo.

    When you come to the James Martial Arts Academy to learn, practice and grow with us, you will find a relaxing but positively competitive environment, in which you learn new teachings that have a beautiful and powerful history behind them.

    You become fitter, stronger, healthier, sharper, more balanced and self-confident, while also being capable of successfully handling a threatening situation. Plus, you have a great time doing this with every member of the new Martial Arts community that you will be part of.


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    For Military, Police and Security Officers

    It’s a dangerous world out there, and, for military and police officers and professionals in the security industry, all these dangers need to be safely faced and effectively neutralized.

    These highly stressful jobs require individuals to be outstandingly disciplined, capable of making fast rational judgements, re-establishing peace in an environment of conflict through a confident and assertive way – and ultimately being able to quickly react in a powerful way that actually prevents and neutralizes aggressions.

    That’s exactly what we offer to these professionals at the James Martial Arts Academy. They are provided with a Self Defense Kenpo Karate training that is known to be one of the most dynamic, robust and effective Martial Arts systems in the world. After all, when you’re taking care of everyone’s safety, along with your own safety, you want to have no less than that.

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    “My students tell me that one of the best decisions that they have ever made was to come and learn Martial Arts with me. I feel honored to have touched their lives in that way, and I feel proud of all my students and seeing how they find a much needed balance, strength and special stamina, with a renewed sense of purpose in their lives.

    As their Sifu, my job is to teach them the physical, mental and spiritual principles of the ancient Koshu-Ryu and the modern Kajukenbo Kenpo Karate schools – not to see them becoming intimidating martial artists, but to see them becoming strong, wise and happy persons.”


    Sifu Darryl James, Owner of the James Martial Arts Academy
    USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee

    We value your privacy and would never spam you

    Click the button above to join our Kenpo Karate training, or to sign-up or your children to our classes. Come, see and feel the life-changing experience that we’ll make sure you’ll have at the James Martial Arts Academy.

    What we teach at the James Martial Arts Academy:
    We scale the techniques to correspond to the age and ability of each student.

    What is Kosho-Ryu?


    Kosho-Ryu (means "Old Pine Style) is a family art that has been taught and passed down through 23 generations of ancestors. It remains the oldest family martial art that is still actively practiced today. Kosho-Ryu is a highly effective means of protecting yourself and those you love.  Because of it effeteness Kosho-Ryu has been taught to the FBI, U.S. Navy SEALs, CIA, Law Enforcement and other special operation personnel.

    Kosho Ryu Kenpo is actually only one component of the Kenpo arts and is the name we use for the physical techniques that we teach for self-defense. Kosho-Ryu was first taught openly to people of all races when Great Grand Master James Mitose decided to open a self-defense school in Hawaii during World War II. A second component of Kenpo, sometimes called Kosho-Shorei Kenpo, contains the psychology and philosophy of Kenpo.

    In its most general sense, it contains the self-defense techniques that do not involve physical contact. In practice, however, we always should understand the entirety of Kenpo and not just learn it as a sport or a fighting art.

    Many people who do not study true and pure Kenpo and Karate think that Kenpo, the Law of the Fist, is a set of powerful techniques for fighting. However, the true meaning of the "Law of the Fist," however, is that the left hand (symbolizing the spiritual side of people) should always cover the right fist (symbolizing the physical side of people). That is, the ultimate lesson taught by Kenpo is that physical violence is not a solution to conflict.

    What is Kajukenbo?


    Kajukenbo is a traditional martial arts, which teaching various methods of self-defense while the student develops physical and mental toughness.

    Kajukenbo was created in Hawaii during the years 1947-1949 following WW II. Five men (Adriano Emperado, Peter Young Yil Choo, Joe Holck, Frank Ordonez and Clarence Chang) came together combining their knowledge to create an effective martial art which could be used on the streets of Hawaii. They called themselves the Black Belt Society.

    Five disciplines were merged to create Kajukenbo:

    • KA Korean Karate (Tang So Do),
    • JU Judo and jujitsu (Danzan Ryu),
    • KEN Hawaiian Kenpo (Kosho Ryu),
    • BO Chinese Boxing (Sil Lum Gung Fu)

    Student Spotlight

    Our Student make a difference in this world!

    Customer Testimonials

    Wonderful instruction. Darryl has made a safe and focused learning environment for all ages. My two children have been attending this Martial Arts Academy for a few years now and we are so happy with the growth we have seen in our kids with their focus, technique, confidence, and their understanding of martial arts--they love it.

    He teaches fundamentals, proper technique, patience, responsibility, meaning, and conditioning. We are very involved and watch every class and could not be happier with our choice.
    -- Melissa Dombo

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